The Gift of a Smile - Throwback Stories

I have a gift for you...

I've been looking at my past videos on YouTube recently and there are a few that are cringe worthy, however there are some I am really proud of that sadly not a lot of people have seen.  So with that in mind, I wanted to do a Throwback Story feature here on my blog. To help give some of those stories a bit of love.

Today's #tbt is a story I wrote as part of a series where for 6 months I was writing a story a day.  My limit was only 1,024 characters.  Yep, all the punctuation included.  It's a story that was inspired by a poet whom I admire and am glad to say became internet friends with, Mike McGee.  He and I want to give you the gift of a smile.  You must promise by watching this, if you smile, pass this on to someone who you feel needs a smile too. 

As always I remain obediently yours :)