Christmas in August

Okay, so I know it hurts to know that Christmas is in less than 5 months, but this is more for me to test out Squarespace's Amazon embed feature than pointing out that the year is already half over.  Does it hurt yet?  It does for me haha.

At any rate, I wrote a short story last year that I'm not sure if I ever posted anywhere online that I can remember.  It was a Christmas related story called "The Story of The Christmas Robot in a Snow Globe"  Long title I know, but it's cute and heart warming and I am very proud of it.  Just look at that cute little robot!  It's probably my favourite piece of art I ever made.  Anyway, you can buy it on Kindle for $0.99 and if you want to enjoy a bit of Christmas cheer in August, by all means give it a read.  I may do an audio version just in time for Christmas this year.

Hope you like it!