99 Problems - A Cover/Story by Steve Saylor

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Here's a story that I've been wanting to do for a while, and I'm so glad I get to do this as my very first story on Patreon.  

I love music, more specifically songs that can draw me in.  Whether it's the musical arrangement or the lyrics, anything that can make my mind wander is amazing.  Especially when my mind can come up with stories about that song.  I've been wanting to make these stories for a long time and after having a lot of fun with my "House Of The Rising Sun" Cover/Story Project, I wanted to do more.  Hence this cover of another cover called "99 Problems".  

Story Description:  In the Old West luck can change very quickly.  One problem can turn into 99 Problems if you're not careful.  For an ex Colonel his luck ran out when entering the small town of Portal.  When trying to change it by entering a Poker game he soon realizes he got more than he bargained for.

What is a Cover/Story?  A Cover/Story is a short story written by author Steve Saylor based on and inspired by the lyrics and music of a song.

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