I want to write The Matrix Comic Book

I know that's a very broad statement to make just sort of out of context and out of the blue.  However, if you know me you know that The Matrix movies have had a huge impact on my life and career. As I'm writing this I was thinking about my latest RPG campaign I did for my podcast "These Warriors Are Terrible" where I ran my second Matrix themed Role Playing Game.  My mind began to wander back to a thought I had last year, could I actually be a part of the world the Wachowskis created?  Much like Neo did jumping down the Rabbit Hole, I want to see how deep this Rabbit Hole of becoming part of the Matrix Universe I can go.  Hence why those thoughts I had turned into a goal "I want to write a Matrix Comic Book".  I'll explain why. 


I will keep this short, but since I watched the first Matrix film in 2000 at my friend Shane's house, I became obsessed with the movie.  I loved the layers of storytelling it presented and every time I watch it, even today, I still find new things from that movie.

When the sequels were released I saw them in the theatres opening day.  Including watching Matrix Reloaded on my own (which was the first time I ever watched a movie in theatres by myself).  I remember feeling like that even though there can be criticisms made for the two sequels the story as a whole was admirable and I appreciated the breadth and scope the Wachowskis tried to convey in a nine hour epic.  

This led to how it changed my career path.  I had the amazing opportunity to join into the Beta of "The Matrix Online" which was an MMORPG set after the events of the trilogy and was considered canon by the creators.  It took you on wild tales chasing down the terrorist Morpheus as he tried to get the body of Neo back from the Machines.  Which in turn disrupted the peace between The Machines, the Humans and The Exiles.  Pieces of Neo were found all throughout the Megacity and you went on missions to hunt down those pieces.  That was just the first part of the story that developed within the game.  What was amazing for me was that I was playing with people who loved the films as much as I did.  I got to know some of them through Voice Chat and got to be a part of this amazing community.  

When I heard of an Internet Radio Station operated by fans of the game for the players of the game called "Radio Free Zion" on a whim I applied to be a DJ.  There was no pre-determined choice, I just knew this was what I wanted to do.  I had no experience in being a Radio DJ before.  I was very very brand new.  However, they had me audition, I was interviewed by the staff and I was accepted.  I became DJ Snowball.  My very first shift was for this massive party that was happening across the game.  I was the first DJ on the air and I was streaming for over 5000 people.  I became so addicted to the idea that for the entire 3 hours I was on 5000 people were listening to my music, my voice and enjoying it!  The bug for me to get into radio was born from that moment.  

My path from fan of the films to it becoming a part of my life had begun.


For years since leaving the game to focus on my career in radio I hadn't thought about doing anything more with the Matrix.  I had thought "Hey, it was a fun time and I still love the movies." However, I never thought about doing more with it.  Even when I started writing stories 7 years ago I still didn't think nothing of it.

That was until last year, the spark of the Matrix code ignited in my head with a single thought of "Why Not?" 

It was shortly after recording a RPG session for Terrible Warriors that my friends and I went to grab some food at a pub.  We started talking about the idea of I should run my own game.  I always thought I would eventually, but didn't have a clue where to begin.  My friend Julian began looking on Google for simple Role Playing Systems that I could tap into.  I loved playing West End Games' Star Wars system using only six sided dice.  The system became open source a few years ago and Julian was certain there was a system that I could use that would be fun.  With a few taps on his phone, a grin appeared on his face.  He said, "There's a Matrix game."

The flood of memories of watching and loving that franchise came back like a flood of Matrix Code.  I remembered how much I loved the story and thought "Yeah, maybe I could do a story in Matrix Universe"

I didn't just create one Matrix RPG, I made two.

The first campaign I ran for These Warriors Are Terrible

The first campaign I ran for These Warriors Are Terrible

The sequel to the first campaign

The sequel to the first campaign

I even wrote a little short story during that time called "Follow The White Bride".  You can watch it below:  


In the Real World there hasn't been a new official story since The Matrix Online shut down its virtual world.  The comic books that although were fantasticlly written, were no more than just short stories.  There is such a huge visual medium with the films that it does deserve its own true comic book.

With Comic Book companies writing continuing tales in the Firefly, Buffy, The Shadow, Batman '66 worlds.  I believe there is room for The Matrix to make a comeback.  With its obvious tie in to Warner Brothers, DC Comics would probably be the only Publisher who could make them into reality (With the exception of maybe Dynamite as they co-produced the "Batman '66 meets The Green Hornet" tie in comic with DC).  The Wachowskis should be involved and hand off a story to a writer who can take their ideas and make it their own.  John Logan did that with The Matrix Online stories, which I thought were some of the most imaginative stories that came out of that game.  It would only make sense for the same writing partnership be done to the Comic Book world.  I get that maybe they may not want to go back into that world again, but I'm certain there are ideas they had that "What If?" and with the use of Comic Book visuals the budget to create those ideas are significantly lower.  

So to say that a comic book about the war between The Machines and The Humans is not a huge stretch of the imagination.  It could work.  I'm certain it will work.

I want to be a part of it.

Am I the perfect person to be writing canonical stories set in The Matrix?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  I know the Real World has a lot of obstacles and boundaries and only the Wachowskis know if there are any stories to tell within their world.

I can only raise my hand and offer myself up as a possible option.

I know that it's a long journey to make this part of the real world.  However, every journey starts with a single step.  I'm a full believer of stating your goals up front and working towards it.  Jumping on that train of fantastical whimsy and seeing how far that train can go.  

So I ask if you've gotten this far and believe in this epic journey, I ask you share this with your friends.  Share it with people who love the films.  If you know someone who has any ties to the Comic Book Industry to pass this message along, I would be immensely grateful and maybe, just maybe, with your help we can make this Redpill's dream become real.  

As always I remain obediently yours.