Lifetime of Selfies - 2 Minute Story

This is part of the 2 Minute Story Project.  A writing challenge for myself to write a short story that can be read in two minutes or less.

Allen sat in his bed, laptop warm on his lap.  The internal fans keeping the black machine cool was the only noise in the room save for Allen's oxygen machine.  He looked at the screen, his little project that was a lifelong private obsession was about to become public.  He smiled as he double checked the photo galleries to make sure they were in the correct categories.  The photo of him and Linda in Paris in 1970; his photo of back-packing through war-torn Europe in 1954.  Even his trips travelling on the rails in the 1930s were there.  He looked back over his life even the rough parts when he was in prison from 1910 to 1912, he still managed to smuggle a camera to take a few photos in that dark place.  Seeing his family on the farm in 1880.  His little sister in 1855 who was so long gone that it was literally a lifetime ago.  Looking over his life Allen finally felt at peace.  He hit publish and the "Lifetime" project was out on the internet.  He hoped people would enjoy it, but he was okay if no one ever saw it.  It was his time capsule for the world.  Allen was 200 years old and as he placed the laptop beside him on the bed he looked out at the raindrops on the window.  He wished he could take one more "selfie" as the kids called it.  He shrugged and said out loud "What the hell," grabbing his polaroid camera from beside his bed.  The flash went off and before the picture could come into view, Allen fell into a deep sleep.  

As always I remain, obediently yours.