I made how many videos?!

I didn't really plan on this, but since the beginning of 2015 I have been producing/shooting/editing/releasing videos online...a lot.  I mean a lot a lot.

I just counted and I've made 40 VIDEOS IN TWO AND A HALF MONTHS!


When did that happen?  How did that happen?

Well, here's what happened...

It started at work.  For those who don't know I work for 2 radio stations in Toronto, boom 97.3 and FLOW 93-5.  I run the websites for both stations and produce content for those stations online.  Near the end of 2014 at boom we were getting quite a few guest artists come in for interviews on the station and we filmed each one and put them up as you normally do for a radio station.  But at the beginning of January an idea was thrown around about getting the same artists that come in to play a song of theirs on vinyl and talk about how the song was made that turned into "Behind The Vinyl" (Videos below).  On top of that we were still shooting the interviews separately so we were essentially shooting 2-3 videos for each artist.  On top of that the podcast Terrible Warriors that I'm in charge of launched it's own YouTube channel with a bunch of videos (mostly Let's Plays at the moment) and I also had a few videos of my own Let's Plays that were sitting in the can for months and I decided to edit and put up.  So all that being said, here's the breakdown of it all:

  • 21 videos have been released
  • 8 have been edited and uploaded scheduled for release
  • 11 videos need editing with 5 more being shot by next Monday bringing the grand total to 45 videos.

I'm super excited, nervous and stressed at the moment I'm not going to lie.  I used to loathe making videos.  There were some parts of the process I liked but I was always in the camp of "producing audio is so much easier" which is still the case.  However, I've become more excited this year about the editing/shooting process as each project scratches an itch that I love to do which is produce content.  Sure it takes longer to shoot/edit/upload a video than creating audio content ie: podcasts, but it is gratifying to see the skill that I've been sort of using going on 15 years now is starting to come to fruition and people are enjoying them.  

With that being said I figured I'd at least highlight a few of my favourite videos I've released thus far and hope you get a chance to check all of them out at some point and let me know what you think of them.  Oh, and it would help out a lot if you gave a share or two for these videos as I'm super proud of them and can't wait to see where this road takes me.

(List of all videos released as of this publishing this post below)


My first attempt at making Let's Play videos with a twist!  I'm blind and I suck at video games lol.


There have been 4 episodes released so far, but here are my favourite two.


I've released two actual videos (four of the videos on the channel are audio podcasts I've converted to video but as far as actual video with moving pictures these are the two I've released).