Steve Saylor with Morena BaccarinMy interview with Morena Baccarin (Inara Serra from Firefly/Serenity, Anna from V)

I wanted to use this blog as a place where my geekiness lives and I thought what better way to do that then to do an interview series where I post audio of some of the interviews I have had the privilege to do.  Bare in mind in some of these interviews I really show my nervousness as I was still learning the craft of interviewing.

This interview was a coup for me.  I was at Dragon*Con in 2008 and it was the first time I was covering a convention on my own as press.  Normally I have a team of friends with me to help with interviews, however I was not only alone, I was a couple hundred miles away from those friends.

There were several celebrities I wanted to interview at the con and unfortunately a lot of them didn’t line up.  Turns out if you are friends with the agents and publicists you get added on the list for interviews before the con starts.  Which unfortunately I didn’t have that privilege.  So I thought I would try to talk to as many agents on the floor as I could.  I was lucky with Morena.

You probably wouldn’t get the chance to meet Morena’s agent so let me tell you she was a Foreboding Woman with a capital “Woah.”.  She not only represented Morena, but she represented Morena’s fellow Firefly cast mate Jewel Staite, as well as Kevin Sorbo!  Now let me tell you if you are to be an agent for Kevin Sorbo you need to be tough as nails, and this agent definitely had the nails.  She was as tall as me (I’m about 6’2”), but it was hard to tell as she looked taller than me with heels on.  She had raven long black hair and a slinky dress that made her look more like a model than an agent.  Thankfully she respected me and really wanted to help me out.  We both tried for 2 days to get an interview with Morena and thankfully on the last day of the con, we succeeded.  

A friend of mine that I met at the con Adam Teece, came with me to the Signing area where all the celebrities of the con were set up for autographs and taking pictures.  I met with Morena’s agent and Morena was just finishing up a panel so she had not arrived at her table.  A lineup of fans had already started and unfortunately I was at the back.  When Morena’s agent found me she forcefully pushed her way so I could get at the front of the line.  Some fans were upset but she explained it was for an interview.  Man this woman could quiet a lineup of geeks.  If she auditioned for Wonder Woman and didn’t get the job, shame on the casting people!  Wow!

So a few minutes later, Morena arrived and her agent shushed us behind the curtains of the signing area so we could have some privacy.

I was hella nervous.  Oh man I was nervous.  I’ve interviewed people before, but rarely in person, mostly over the phone.  However, standing less than a few inches away from someone I admired and watched on TV was mind boggling and all the blood rushed out of my head.  Hence, the stumbling of my words in the interview.  However, Morena was kind and professional, and she could tell I was nervous so she gave me a very reassuring smile, which I will never forget.  

After we were done, the above picture was taken and off she went to meet her fans.  I thanked her agent profusely and for the first time she warmed up to me and asked sincerely, “How did the interview go?” 

"Fantastic," was all I could mutter.

She smiled and went on her way.

P.S. You may have noticed that she is sporting her now current look of a pixie hair cut.  In 2008 this was a shock to her fans as she used to have long black hair.  Before I started recording I asked her about why she had it cut.  She told me it was for a sci-fi role she couldn’t talk about.  I found out later that role was for V.