The Bed Song - By Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra - Lyrics Read by Steve Saylor

It was about a year ago while I was looking for new podcasts to listen to that I found about Kevin Smith’s Smodcast Network.  I subscribed to a few of the shows and I liked them a lot.  They were high-larious and entertaining.  When I sought out more from Smodcast, I found their bandcamp store.  What caught my eye immediately was the 3 Part Recording of Kevin talking to Neil Gaiman & Amanda Palmer.  I of course had read a few of Gaiman’s fantastic works, but didn’t really seek out any interviews that he did.  Sadly, I knew Amanda even less.

After listening to those shows, I began to follow Palmer’s and Gaiman’s careers closely.  They seemed to have the same ideals about creativity and art that I share:  Just do it, and damn the consequences.  

When Amanda put up her kickstarter campaign for her latest album “Theatre Is Evil” I couldn’t donate as I did not have a credit card that would work.  So I waited until it’s eventual release.  

My life changed after I finally got to listen to the album.  The music was so good!  It was sweet, sad, beautiful, gritty, large in scale and subtle all within the same album!  My favourite songs of the album are “Do It With A Rockstar” “The Denial Thing”, “Massachusetts Avenue”, “Melody Dean” “The Killing Type” and of course “The Bed Song” 

When I read the lyrics of “The Bed Song” a creative idea sparked in my head that I had to create something about that song.  I thought about some graphic design work, a short story, however I decided on just reading the lyrics.  The song stands enough on it’s own that if I didn’t keep it intact, I’d be doing it a disservice.

So I give this to you, my long winded explanation  why I’m sharing this with you today.  

Amanda, if you are reading this:  Thank You!

As always I remain, obediently yours.


Something from the Brain of Steve Saylor

At first you only heard Steve on audio podcasts or sometimes on the radio.  Well, now the albino comes out from behind the mic and does what he loves to do:  Tell you stories!

I love watching YouTube.  Ever since I cut the cable cord (not literally but you get the idea ha!), YouTube has become my Television.  It’s the one thing I watch everyday, everything from News Channels, Music Channels, Geek Stuff, Vlogging Channels and many more.  I just double checked and I am subscribed to almost 100 YouTube Channels.  Most of which are releasing content daily!  That’s a lot of videos!  However, every time I watch something that creatively inspires me, the constant question in my head is “Why can’t I create a show like that?”  Not to say I don’t have the ability to do so, but I was always down on myself for not taking my love of performing and editing videos and moving it to the next level.

So today, I am proud to say that after several years of watching Professional YouTube channels and in the grand scheme of my Great Big 2012 Creative Experiment,  I have decided to take the plunge into creating a web show of my own!

It’s a writing related show called “Something From The Brain Of Steve Saylor” and every Monday and Wednesday I will be performing short stories, interviewing authors, doing book reviews, maybe even discuss my thoughts on the book and indie self publishing industry.  

If you want to keep up to date with the show you can subscribe at (Yes I finally got that account back!)

You can watch the first episode up above.  

Let me know what you think!

As always I remain obediently yours!