I'm doing a thing. You should come!

Last month in the quest to become an on-stage performer I started doing a live show called "BAM! The Blind Albino Monologues" where I brought some of my friends and we just told funny stories to an audience.  The show was so much fun.  Stressful for sure planning something like this and I was stupidly nervous right up until show time.  However, the bar was packed with friends and everyone seemed to really enjoy it!

If you haven't had a chance to see the show you can hear the audio of it below:

It was so much fun I am doing it again in Toronto very soon!  On Saturday August 30th at 8pm (Location TBA) I will be hosting along with my very special guest Sean Schemmel*!  He's a voice actor extraordinaire and most commonly known as the voices of Goku and King Kai on Dragonball Z!  I met Sean years ago when he was in Toronto for Fan Expo and he's coming back!  We'll be telling stories, asking questions just have a good ol' time. So check out the event info below and if you want to come out, JOIN THE FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE.  Space is limited so we need to know how many to expect.

*barring any unforeseen scheduling conflicts due to Sean's commitment to Fan Expo.

A letter to myself for 2014 - Too White For 30 Pre-Release Podcast

As I begin a new project of what will be a few that I want to accomplish throughout the year, I wanted to write this.  I saw the idea of writing a letter to oneself about the things I would want to do in 2014.  Some changes I wanted to happen in my life and some encouraging words I can go back to if things get tough.  It’s not a list of resolutions, it’s a document of what I hope 2014 to be.  

Listen to the audio above, or on YouTube, if you want to hear me read the letter out loud, otherwise you can read it below.

Dear Steve,

You’re 30 now.  By all intents and purposes you’re an adult.  It’s scary I know.  Living three decades on this beautiful blue and green marble is a feat not easily accomplished, but you did it.  2013 was an amazing year for you.  Without even realizing it, you spent your last year of your twenties doing things you never thought possible.  You’ve created new friendships that have become the closest you’ve had in years.  Remember those times you sat in your room by yourself wondering why no one wanted to hang out with you?  That’s all changed buddy.  You are loved not only by family but by friends who deeply care for you.  Remember that in 2014.  You don’t have to sit in a corner anymore feeling sorry for yourself.  Your friends are there for you.  They live busy lives as much as you do, but all it takes is a text or an email, or a Facebook message or even a phone call for crying out loud, and they are there for you.  That shyness you had about yourself is gone now.  Be proud of who you are.  Be proud of what God made you out to be.  As someone once told you the way you are when you’re 30 is the way you’re going to be for the rest of your life.  So take this year and with God’s, your family’s and your friend’s help, kick it in the balls!  I know you have a deep fear that because 2013 was amazing that 2014 will be horrible.  What once was up, must come down.  Why the hell are you thinking that way?  2014 is what you make of it.  Not of some worry that it’s going to suck.  You seek out that fear and you will find it.  So don’t even bother.

You have big plans, you always do.  You build up this expectation of things to come in your head that whatever happens gets you discouraged.  Don’t be.  The fact that you accomplished any goal is amazing!  Love the act of finishing things.  It’s far better than the accolades you will get for that thing.  You made something out of nothing.  Be happy about that!  Remember your own words, THINK BIG, scale small.

Be kind, be fun, be generous, still carry that large heart of yours and never let it shrink because you think the cynical world expects you to.  Be courageous.  Do things you only dreamed about.  Be positive.  The world can put you down for who you are, don’t let it.  There is much good in this world, you’ve seen it.  Keep that goodness and share it with others around you.  Be spontaneous.  Do more things on a whim.  It’s never about “Why?”  It’s about “Why Not?”  Be assertive.  Make the first move.  You never know where it may lead.  Just be AMAZING!  It’s not hard, just help make the world around you suck less and you’ve literally changed the world.  Also be yourself.  That sounds cliche, but the secrets in life are found in cliches.  

In summary, let 2014 be just a year on a calendar that you fill with many memories.  That is what makes up a year.  Not a list of accomplishments, but with amazing memories.

As always I remain obediently yours


P.S. Don’t Forget To Be Awesome.  

The Bed Song - By Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra - Lyrics Read by Steve Saylor

It was about a year ago while I was looking for new podcasts to listen to that I found about Kevin Smith’s Smodcast Network.  I subscribed to a few of the shows and I liked them a lot.  They were high-larious and entertaining.  When I sought out more from Smodcast, I found their bandcamp store.  What caught my eye immediately was the 3 Part Recording of Kevin talking to Neil Gaiman & Amanda Palmer.  I of course had read a few of Gaiman’s fantastic works, but didn’t really seek out any interviews that he did.  Sadly, I knew Amanda even less.

After listening to those shows, I began to follow Palmer’s and Gaiman’s careers closely.  They seemed to have the same ideals about creativity and art that I share:  Just do it, and damn the consequences.  

When Amanda put up her kickstarter campaign for her latest album “Theatre Is Evil” I couldn’t donate as I did not have a credit card that would work.  So I waited until it’s eventual release.  

My life changed after I finally got to listen to the album.  The music was so good!  It was sweet, sad, beautiful, gritty, large in scale and subtle all within the same album!  My favourite songs of the album are “Do It With A Rockstar” “The Denial Thing”, “Massachusetts Avenue”, “Melody Dean” “The Killing Type” and of course “The Bed Song” 

When I read the lyrics of “The Bed Song” a creative idea sparked in my head that I had to create something about that song.  I thought about some graphic design work, a short story, however I decided on just reading the lyrics.  The song stands enough on it’s own that if I didn’t keep it intact, I’d be doing it a disservice.

So I give this to you, my long winded explanation  why I’m sharing this with you today.  

Amanda, if you are reading this:  Thank You!

As always I remain, obediently yours.