boom Lyrics Ad Campaign

In the Fall of 2013, one of boom 97.3's announcers found a photo on Facebook which showed a simple sentence but the letters spelling "I LOVE YOU" were highlighted in red.  The announcer emailed the post to myself and Program Director Troy McCallum asking could we do something with that idea.  Troy tasked me to come up with a design concept incorporating boom within lyrics to songs from our core artists.

I took several songs and found specific hook lyrics that are recognizable and came up with a design.  Originally it was to be produced as Social Media content, however Troy and other Managers at the station decided the design was great for an outdoor ad campaign.  A few weeks later during Fall ratings, four boom ads that I designed were displayed on GO Transit and the TTC in Trains, Buses and Subway Stations and Bus Shelters.  

It became so successful and was seen by millions of transit riders throughout the Greater Toronto Area that the campaign was refreshed again for Fall 2014.  


The Bacon Shop

As part of a Father's Day promotion in 2013, boom 97.3 wanted to give away a bouquet of Bacon Wrapped Roses to Dad's.  The promotion's manager David Wannan and myself wanted to go a step further to see about getting free promotion on other radio stations and build team spirit within the station.  

This was a complete Digital campaign.  A fake store called "The Bacon Shop" was created with a website featuring an in-depth biography of the shop, a menu of items to purchase, a twitter account, and more.  Web Ads were created and purchased on two prominant Toronto based Radio Stations with the intention that after a period of time when boom launched the campaign all ads and every link would change URL's and forward to boom973.com.  

The campaign was so successful it was nominated for CMW Promotion of the Year in 2013.  


Lessons of Classic Rock

In Wingham Ontario at 94.5 The Bull, myself and Midday Jock Drew Stefani created a Video Web Series called "Lessons of Classic Rock".  Drew was a Guitar Teacher and a Rhythm Guitar Player with a local Cover Band.  He would, using YouTube, teach listeners how to play Classic Rock songs on Electric Guitar. 

Eight episodes was created under my tenure and gathered collectively 200,000+ views on YouTube to date.