Blogging Assignment

For this ongoing assignment, you will be required to write a short (300-400 word) blog on various topics that will be assigned every week. Marks will be given for completion, style (spelling/grammar) and content. You will need to register for a account

  1. Register for a blog at
  2. For a display name, pick your name or as close as you can get to it (for example: stevesaylor, JohnSmith, JohnDoeRadio)
  3. Once your tumblr blog is created, to create a new blog post:
    1. Log in to
    2. Once you are at your tumblr dashboard click the Text icon to start a new blog post.
    3. Give it a title and then type your blog post into the text field below
  4. When your finished writing, click Publish
  5. On the top of the right sidebar click on your tumblr link.  You’ll be taken to your tumblr blog
  6. You should see your new post has been created, click on the Title of the post and then copy the URL of the post and email it to me at (Details below).  Example of what your URL would look like is:

Evaluation Completion: /1% * 7 Weeks = 7% Content: /2.5% * 7 Weeks = 17.5% Technical (Spelling, Grammar): /1.5% * 7 weeks = 10.5% Total: /35%

  • Entries must be posted to your blog every week before the end of each class.
  • Entires must also be e-mailed to (or for Blog #1 only email: with the Subject Line “BLOG ASSIGNMENT - BLOG 1” also your name, your class number and the URL of the blog post within the body of the email or will be considered late.

For your weekly topics, visit (Topics will also be given at the end of every class) For Your First Blog: Tell me a bit about yourself. Why did you decide to get into radio? What is it about broadcasting that attracts you? Nine weeks into the program, what challenges have you faced in your journey to become a broadcaster? Where do you see yourself going in radio? Remember to post all blogs before end of each class AND E-mail links to all blog entries to