Assignment #2 - Social Media Case Study

For this assignment, choose one of the following case study topics.

  1. In class, we briefly discussed the Occupy movement and how social media factored into it. For this case study, choose one or more newsworthy events that have happened, anywhere in the world, and examine how social media affected them. What happened during the event(s)? How did Social Media affect the event(s)? Go into detail—don’t just give me an overview. Do a bit of research—look at news posts, blogs, tweets, etc. Were there, for example, hashtags used to rally people? A blog? A Facebook page? Did the use of social media affect how traditional media covered the event? NOTE:  the occupy movement is NOT an option for this case study.
  2. A running theme in the class has been how you never know who is seeing your social media pages or how what you say online will be interpreted. For this case study, choose a few tweets, Facebook posts, blog posts, etc made by notable people that got them into “hot water.” What was the offending post? Was it misunderstood, or legitimately offensive? What was the backlash? Has this had a lasting effect on this person’s career? Go into as much detail as you can.

Present your findings in a typed, 750-1000 word, double-spaced report to be attached and emailed to no later than 11:59pm on Wednesday December 2nd. In the email include your name and Class #.  Work in pairs, but no more than 3 people..  Some further notes:

  • Keep in mind the questions presented in the case studies are meant as a guideline to help you in writing your paper.
  • It’s up to you how many topics you examine—if you can write for 750-1000 words on one event, then go for it.
  • I’m looking for some analysis here—don’t just tell me what happened, also let me know how social media has affected what you’re examining.
  • Late assignments will NOT be accepted.


Style (Spelling, grammar, formatting) /5

Content /15

Analysis /10

Total /30