Too White For 30

Hello all!  It's been a pleasure teaching you this semester.  I know our time was short.  I hope you don't hate me THAT much.  If you did, I'm sorry.  If you don't, I'm also sorry.

It's still weird wandering down the halls of a school I've only spent 2 years in as a student and now more years as a proff.  However, it's students like you that make me want to come back each and every year to show you the wonders social media can help produce your brand and the radio brands you will be working for someday.  

As a token of my gratitude to you as hawesome students, I have a present for you!  On my birthday in 2013, I recorded a live comedy album called "Too White For 30" where I told stories of my life.  I have it on iTunes for $3.99 but for you I have it for FREE!  That's right, FREE as in BEER!  

You can download the album as a zip file here:

Or listen to the album below.

Thank you all and I wish you much success in your professional career.  Oh, also if you somehow become a boss of a big radio company, give me a call, I'll send you my resume. PLEASE HIRE ME!

As always I remain, obediently yours.