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Throughout the Ages, there have been Heroes and Warriors who have embarked on quests to save Far-Away Lands and free the people from would-be Conquerors.  These are not the Warriors you are looking for.  Welcome to the Role Playing Adventures of “Terrible Warriors”

TERRIBLE WARRIORS is an online broadcast of table-top RPGs where players and Game Masters record their adventures in multiple Role Playing worlds such as Pathfinder, Shadowrun, The Matrix, Star Wars and the Pokemon Franchises . Featured players include: veteran Voice Actor Kyle Hebert (WRECK IT RALPH, DRAGONBALL Z), Improv Comedy and Voice Actor Mark Meer (MASS EFFECT, VERSUS VALERIE, TINY PLASTIC MEN), Cosplayer and Super villian Conal Macbeth aka DOCTOR HOLOCAUST, “Big Mike” from the comedy improv troupe “The 404′s” and Podcasters Steve “Snowball” Saylor and Mike “The Birdman” Dodd (THIS WEEK IN GEEK).  For classic, table top RPG enthusiasts, this is one more way to engage with the community and culture and it’s now available on the CGM website

Start Date: Oct 6th, 2012
Game Masters / Players: Big MikeMike DoddSteve Saylor
Players: Scotty BordasTom WhiteJustin EcockMike LaidmanLaura ThomasJulian SpillaneErika Szabo,Cassie ChuiDerek BurrowsDr. Holocaust

Systems Played (so far): d20 SimplePathfinderMarvel Avengers (Mutants and Masterminds Module),Judge Dredd d20Shadowrun 2nd EditionStar Wars 2nd Edition by West End GamesClassic Open d6 System, Pendragon, Pathfinder, BESM 2nd Edition, Pokemon Tabletop Adventures

Seriously? These are the guys we’re going to go with?
— Kyle Hebert - The Voice of Terrible Warriors