When everyone plays, we all win.

At Super Bowl LIII, Microsoft released a commercial advertising the Microsoft Adaptive Controller. A controller designed for people with disabilities to be able to play video games they would not have had access before. In it they said, “When everyone plays, we all win.” It is estimated that 15% of the world’s population have some form of disability. Growing up, I gave up playing video games as a hobby because I would be frustrated that I couldn’t play the way my brother and my friends could. I want to change that so that the next generation of gamers could win regardless of what ability they have..

Hi, I’m Steve Saylor. I’m blind and I play video games.


Blind Gamer

Steve Saylor is a Toronto-based podcaster, radio host, Blind Gamer, YouTuber, Twitch Streamer, Graphic Designer, Content Creator and College Professor all while being blind! Starting in 2015, his entertaining YouTube series “Blind Gamer” fuses humour with his passion for playing video games while being very bad at it. He has generated good PR for the following brands and has garnered positive Media Coverage as a result.

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In just a few short years he is considered a thought leader on accessibility in gaming and an advocate for developers to push video game accessibility forward. Steve is the top Blind Gamer in Canada and has worked with prominent clients in the video game industry.

Steve's contribution to our accessible design workshop was very constructive and all around eye-opening for the devs who attended. We're not going to develop games in the same way anymore.

- David Tisserand, Accessibility Project Manager, Ubisoft

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Content Creator

Steve has been creating Digital Content professionally for over 14 years. From Podcasts to YouTube videos to Social Media Campaigns, he is well versed in how to produce content for the web. He brings a wide variety of creativity to any project, has elevated and executed concepts to a professional quality leaving clients more than satisfied with the results.

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