Steve has been creating Digital Content professionally for over 14 years. From Podcasts to YouTube videos to Social Media Campaigns, he is well versed in how to produce content for the web. He brings a wide variety of creativity to any project, has elevated and executed concepts to a professional quality leaving clients more than satisfied with the results.



Video Production


Steve Saylor is a Toronto-based podcaster, radio host, Blind Gamer, YouTuber, Twitch Streamer, Graphic Designer, Content Creator and College Professor all while being blind! Starting in 2015, his entertaining YouTube series “Blind Gamer” fuses humour with his passion for playing video games while being very bad at it. He has generated good PR for the following brands and has garnered positive Media Coverage as a result.

Behind The Vinyl

With 133+ episodes, Behind The Vinyl became a stable feature on the Toronto Radio Station, boom 97.3. Artists would sit down behind a turntable and play their songs on vinyl and talk about how they made that song. Steve was responsible for conception and production of this series.

97.3 seconds

In addition to boom 97.3’s Behind The Vinyl series we started to garner attention by PR agencies and celebrity representatives in wanting the station to shoot a video with their clients. Because most of them were not musicians, we had to come up with a new concept called 97.3 seconds. We decided upon a concept where we sit celebrities in a chair, put headphones on with music blaring in their ears. All while the entire time had 97.3 seconds to tell their best story ever.

The Made in Toronto Takeover

As part of the 93-5 The Move Team (now Flow 93.5), Steve was responsible for the social presence of “The MADE IN TORONTO Takeover” a whole day event celebrating local Toronto Hip Hop Artists that turned into a one hour show every Sunday to Thursday.

93-5 The Move Remembers BIGGIE

On the 20th anniversary of Notorious BIG’s passing, I was tasked to create a social media video to celebrate and remember him. In my research I found that some of the on-air announcers at the station had very distinct memories of Biggie and his music. Including a story of one announcer who met him and spoke to him 4 days before he passed. This project went from a social media video to a full blown short documentary that was well received in the industry.


Graphic Design

With a passion for graphic design for 20+ years, Steve taught himself Photoshop in high school and kept adapting his low vision to learn the basics of graphic design. He has had his work seen by millions of people within the Greater Toronto Area and globally. Below is a small example of work that has had a massive impact on the brands he created designs for.



Steve has been producing podcasts since the beginning of the Podcasting Genre. He has Co-Founded several longstanding projects that have been going for 12+ years. From Concept to Final Product, he has done it all.


A podcast as an extension to the BLIND GAMER series on YouTube where Steve discusses Accessibility in Video Games from his perspective as a Disabled Gamer.


An actual-play podcast all about the enjoyment of playing Table Top Role Playing Games. Steve was the Executive Producer and Co-Founder since 2012


A Radio show turned podcast in 2007. Steve along with his Co-Host Mike Dodd would discuss Nerd and Pop Culture from Comics, TV Shows, Movies, Video Games and more.

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